Home Automation

PUTETTO S.r.l. has set itself a mission: "To bring home automation to the homes of the Italians." For years we have been working to achieve this goal by carefully selecting our suppliers, through the study of home automation systems and the quality of our work. We can give you the necessary advice to make your "intelligent electrical installation."

Fields of application of home automation:

  • Comfort (remote adjustment of the air conditioning, lighting, watering ...);
  • Security (intrusion detection, gas detection, ...)
  • Environment and Health (removal of the magnetic fields of inactive electronic devices).


We, at PUTETTO S.r.l., are at your disposal for:

  • Introducing you to the possibilities available to date on the market, so that your home will become a comfortable and safe place;
  • The design and installation of the home automation system that best suits your needs.

The accumulated wealth of experience and knowledge of the various available products allow us to offer you a 360 degrees consulting service, tailored to your actual needs.

Home automation systems can be installed at any time and in any environment (homes, buildings, offices, factories, shops, etc.).