PUTETTO S.r.l. is an innovative company that, after a long experience (over 40 years) on the construction yard, is able to support the customers in their own “yard” ... being it a renovation or a new construction.

In order to provide better service, PUTETTO Srl has an internal technical Engineering department with a CAD station for both large and small projects addressed to individuals, businesses and public bodies.

  • Design of HVAC systems (heating, cooling, HVAC)
  • Design of fire protection systems (fire hydrants and sprinklers compliant to the NI and NFPA standards) and fire detection systems (EFC)
  • Design of water and sanitation systems.
  • Design of liquids/gas distribution lines for industrial use.
  • Design of water treatment and wastewater treatment systems for industries
  • Design of electrical and home automation systems
  • Completion of paperwork (fire prevention, ISPEL administrative procedures, energy reports Former Law 10/91, APE energy performance certificates, etc.).

We manage the projects, from the first budgeting draft, to the construction drawings for the actual construction and up to the 2D - 3D drawings of the finished system for archiving.

Some design software we use:

  • Edilclima
  • Namirial
  • Primus
  • Autocad 2D e 3D

PUTETTO S.r.l. also deals in:

  • Works supervision during construction of the systems.
  • System functionality testing.